Lets face it, loosing your car or house keys is one of the most frustrating situations and it always occurs when your in a rush to go out somewhere.

Considering the fuss and cost of losing your keys, it’s better not to lose them in the first place! We know it sounds like “Captain Obvious” advice, but we realise that accidents happen anyway. So what can you do to prevent keys being lost? Get a smart tracker.

A smart tracker looks like a keychain, and all you need to do is attach it to your keyset. It connects with your mobile, and when you lose your keys it will show a map and location of where they are located and if they are close by most can relay a high pitch noise until you locate them.

Smart Trackers can also be added to your wallet, handbag or any valuable item.

A whole range of smart trackers have hit the market, all promising we will never, ever lose track of our possessions again. But how easy are they to use and do they really work? LockTrix have tested most of the brands on the market and we would recommend Nuttag. Nuttag is an Australian company, all devices are made in Australia with local phone support 7 days a week.

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