With the recent bout of hot days, our windows and doors are open to welcome any breezes or southerly busters, but is your home secure? It only takes seconds for an experienced robber to enter your property. Your home’s security takes top priority over everything else with your home. Keeping your family safe is extremely important and you should do whatever it takes to do so.

Locktrix provides and installs security screen doors and window locks.

Did you know that there are many different types of window locks and screen door providers? Selecting the right option for you is where Locktrix can help.

Screen Doors

Do you have a security screen door? If you so, are they working effectively?

Traditional screen doors are rather flimsy constructions either of wood or aluminium. Wide panels of rust-prone screen are fitted into simple grooves and secured with rubber gasket—not much security between you and the outside.

Locktrix Locksmith is a proud distributor of Prowler Proof security screen doors. Prowler Proof is Australia’s only welded security screen and the only security screen made in a world class fully automated factory. These two facts combine to make Prowler Proof a superior product at a competitive price.

Window Locks

You’re probably wondering why window locks are so important. Can’t intruders just break the window? Won’t they just use the front door? These are popular opinions that aren’t the right mentality.

For starters, intruders can break the window, but it isn’t in their best interest. Their goal is to get in and out of your house without being detected. Breaking a window draws the attention of you, your neighbours and anyone nearby.

Each different kind of window requires a different approach to security, so the best first step is to take note of every window type in your premises. Locktrix Locksmith will match the window to the lock, because make no mistake about it – locking and securing your windows is actually one of the best things you can do when it comes to protecting your home, business and belongings.