Rekeying Locks

Locktrix Locksmiths Rekeys Locks in Bateau Bay
When you move into a new home, the first thing you want to do is change the locks. You don’t want anyone who had a key to your home before to have access to it anymore. That’s why our team at Locktrix Locksmiths was called to rekey the locks on this home in Bateau Bay. The previous owner of the house had a copy of the keys and our client didn’t want to take any chances. We changed the locks on both the front and back doors so that our client could feel safe and secure in their new home. It can be tricky rekeying locks, but our team is experienced and knows exactly what to do. We made sure that all of the locks were rekeyed correctly so that our client could have peace of mind. We’re always happy to help our clients feel safe and secure in their homes. If you need your locks changed or rekeyed, call us today!