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Attributing importance to the resilience of your window locks is just as vital as ensuring your door locks are in working order. Unfortunately, many home and business owners overlook their windows, but we can help you choose and then install the most effective locks for your home or business. And don’t worry – there’s no need to compromise the style or design of your windows when it comes to adding peace of mind with a high quality locking system.

We supply and install a large range of window lock options including:

  • Sliding window locks
  • Drop bolts
  • Sash window locks
  • Security handles

Each different kind of window requires a different approach to security, so the best first step is to take note of every window type in your premises. Locktrix Locksmith will match the window to the lock, because make no mistake about it – locking and securing your windows is actually one of the best things you can do when it comes to protecting your home, business and belongings.

Locking your windows is an easy habit to start, and the experts at Locktrix Locksmith can get your window locks up-to-date and in working order. If you have locks already on your windows, but they have been subjected to wear and tear, we’ll send our Locktrix Locksmith mobile workshop directly to you and have your locks replaced in no time. From sliding window locks and drop bolts, to sash window locks and security handles, good locks will deter burglars – the noise of breaking glass attracts attention. Ensure your window locks are installed correctly by a licensed locksmith like Locktrix Locksmith, and have the utmost peace of mind when it comes to your window security.

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